Maintenance Products

Just as important as choosing the correct finishes for your floor, the correct maintenance program is just as important. Chem-Coat Industries has developed a complete line of maintenance products designed specifically for the Chem-Coat systems.

450 Daily Clean - A moderately strengthened cleaner designed for lightly soiled surfaces where the removal of dirt and dust is required.

Stampede 550 - A powerful degreaser designed to remove grease, oils, stains and dirt.

Revitalizer 65 – Provides a greater floor maintenance flexibility than ever before. Revitalizer is used to remove black heel marks and scuffs while maintaining a nice shine.

95 Floor Finish-Strip - An ideal product to use in situations when pre-existing floors finishes need to be removed.

Select Finish 5000 - Industrial Floor Finish that provides a tough brilliant gloss that does well for interior decorative concrete projects.