Stained & Sealed

Polished Concrete


Maximum Water Repellent 4000
- Penetrates deeply into concrete or stone to protect from water, oil and other stains while maintaining a natural finish.

TOUGH-SHELL 593 - Used where a tough water based clear sealer is required. Ideal for chemically stained concrete, stamped concrete, and integrally colored concrete projects.

Eco-Seal – A low V.O.C sealer that provides excellent protection for concrete. Ideal for any project with V.O.C restrictions.

CLEAR-SHIELD-UA - A urethane blended with acrylic polymers resulting in an excellent high performance durable coating. CLEAR-SHIELD-UA forms a durable film that has excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

Epoxy Systems - Coatings that provide a deep rich gloss with outstanding wear and chemical resistance. Epoxies are ideal for heavy traffic and commercial applications.

L2- Lithium Top Coat - A unique combination of Lithium blended with other designer materials that have been formulated to create a hard protective seal or finish coat on polished concrete floors.

Premium Concrete Sealer 193 – A staple in Chem-Coat’s product line for over 17 years. The 193 is the best clear sealer in the decorative concrete industry for all types of projects.

Stone and Masonry Sealer - A UV resistant and color enhancing sealer designed to protect stone and masonry surfaces

Terrazzo Defender - A unique combination of modified acrylic resins designed to enhance and protect terrazzo while providing a glossy finish. Terrazzo Defender is a low V.O.C. sealer, which is user friendly, single component and non-yellowing.

STEP-N-GRIP - slip resistance additive